By Zakiyaa Taylor

When I graduated from high school in 2012, the last thing that I wanted to do was go to community college. I considered myself a mature 16 year old, with dreams far too big to stay in the small town on the Virginia/North Carolina border that I…

“Big-Rigged” by Nicholas_T is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Below is an essay sent to Down Home via email by Philip Woodfield (name changed) of Western North Carolina in the late spring of 2021. This essay is reprinted with the writer’s permission. …

By Dan Bayer

Clouds and sky above a mulch yard at a hardware store

“I’ll take 30 bags of mulch.”

“Alright, sir. No problem.” Fortunately, he’s got a low-slung trailer, which makes pulling the 40lb bags off of the stacks and tossing them a bit easier. …

An essay by Rupa Russe of Madison County, North Carolina.

The author in beautiful Madison County, North Carolina. Photo provided by author.

Note: This essay is dedicated to Survivors, the quiet and the loud. You are not alone. There is no shame in overcoming. Your voice is not lesser, and the wisdom you offer can heal a nation.

Surprisingly I haven’t had many folks ask me why I chose to run for public office.

It’s one of the first questions I ask when considering a candidate because it…

By India Dorondo

Near India’s house in North Carolina. Photo provided by the author.

I am no one special. I am a relatively simple woman who grew up in a tiny town smack in the middle of Appalachia. …

And when I say “people like me” — I mean Black people. But if we want to get technical, Black women specifically.

by Jasmine Wright

Jasmine working at a voter registration drive (photo provided by author)

I am a community organizer with Down Home North Carolina in Cabarrus County and I do this because I want to be a part of…

Amanda and her dog. Submitted by Amanda

Down Home North Carolina: Where in North Carolina do you live?

Amanda: I live in Franklin, NC. I lived here as a small child, my dad’s family is from here. My dad’s family were among the first European settlers in the WNC area. Some of us were relocated from what…

By Morgan Childers, Glenville, North Carolina

Outside Morgan’s home in Western North Carolina. Photo submitted by author.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve suffered from chronic migraines. Last August, I started getting multiple debilitating migraines a month, and by November I was getting 2–3 migraines per week.

Down Home NC

Building Multiracial & Progressive Power in Rural North Carolina

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